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June 1, 2008 - UNDERSTANDING THE SIGN "34"

Dear Friends:

Recently, I was given what I believe to be a revelation. Since my incarceration, I have developed this fascination with the number 34. Mostly,  when it comes to clocks and time. I always seem to notice the clock when it reaches: 34 after the hour. At first I thought nothing of it but it kept reoccurring, day after day. I believe numbers have a significant role in our lives.

So, I always wondered, what significance the number 34 had in my life. As I began to explore thoughts in my mind as to the number 34's importance, I thought the worst and that being at :34 after whatever hour I would die. Then, I recalled, the date I was arrested, while sitting in the back seat of the police car, I notice the dash board clock reading 11:34AM.

And recently, while preparing for bed, I went to set my alarm clock and saw that it was 11:34PM. So, I asked God, what does the number 34 mean. And all of a sudden, it became clear to me. I will be 34 years old on June 30th, 2008. I believe now that all these years, God has been trying to tell me that when I was 34 He is going to more in my life in a major way. Family and friends have been working feverishly on organizing this website so that I may have a voice to be heard because I have a story to tell.

Now with this in mind, it further confirms my belief that this is the year God has deemed me ready to come home. The conviction was very strong that my time is coming. I just wanted to share with all the supporters and friends of the JFW Legal Fund, the good news God shared with me. Thank you again for all your support and I look forward to seeing you all soon on the other side of the fence.

Your Friend & Brother,

Sounding the Alarm for Equal Justice Under the Law.
If, you would like to contact Wayne Hollins, please forward all letters to:
Fox Lake Correctional Institution
C/o Wayne Hollins, #313225
P. O. Box  147
Fox Lake, WI 53933
From the Executive's  Desk
Where do I start, I really don't know where to start, Yes he was the Driver, Yes he did make a bad choice, Yes he did walk away from his up-bringing and knoweledge of right and wrong. Read more>>>