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Friday, October 17, 2008
Daniels Conference Center
3500 W Hapton Ave
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Dear Friends:

How do you fathom 100 years? Is it something that makes your ears tingle; can you even see it being reality? I can, why, because it is the sentence I personally received from the court for driving a get-away car. In no way dimish that fact that I have done wrong, that a life was taken and choices were made that altered many facts of my family and friends.

In as few words as possible I messed up, but my mess up should not ruin so many peoples' lives including my daughter who I can only support so much from behind these walls of pain and anguish.

Am I innocent? NO! Am I guilty of what I was sentenced to? ABSOLUTLY NOT. If you have ever made a mistake you are just like me. My face can be seen anywhere and you would not shout  "CRIMINAL."

I was 21, with a daughter on the way, college bound, life looking up and then disaster struck. Money/Bills came flooding into my life and I felt that I couldn't find a way to stay  afloat. I saw what seemed to be an easy way out of my financial troubles and made what ultimately became the worst decision I would ever make.

Nonetheless, I need your help in trying to swim upstream now. I have failed and the book was thrown at me and now I need people like you to help me see my family and friends again in this lifetime.

Thinking back to the jury room the issue of "race" and "racial slurs" were thrown, members of the jury even locked themselves in the restroom fearing their lives where in danger. On that day and still today tears flowed from both sides of the court and yet equal justice did not avail. No first time offender like myself deserved 100 years for driving a car, for not knowing what was going to happen in the hold ups, for being in the dark while even things were going on. I now want light shed on those facts, I want to hold my daughter again and ease the pain of her heart. I want to share a life with my single mother who raised me and wake up each morning without the gleaming razor wire greeting me.

It has been over 12 years now and the suffering has not stopped but light is breaking through. My mind struggles daily with the events that have taken place that brought me here. But I can only hope  to grow, to change, and mature as a human being to be able to help others see that your choices do not define who you are and your protental to as where you can go in life.

My tears can not be kept to myself anymore, I  want help, I need HELP, I need You. This blog  may bring me shame, it may bring  me justice, I'm not sure but whatever it may bring I don't want to take this road by myself and longer. I don't want to be the lone beast of burden or the patsy of the day in the court's eyes. What I did cannot be undone, there is no magical wand to make everything go away, but with your assist, you can be my wand of justice, you can help me wave the facts and overcome the prejudice that so prevails young black men today. And remember "Its the choices you make not the chances you take that determine life."

Your Friend & Brother,

Sounding the Alarm for Equal Justice Under the Law.
If, you would like to contact Wayne Hollins, please forward all letters to:
Fox Lake Correctional Institution
C/o Wayne Hollins, #313225
P. O. Box  147
Fox Lake, WI 53933
From the Executive's  Desk
Where do I start, I really don't know where to start, Yes he was the Driver, Yes he did make a bad choice, Yes he did walk away from his up-bringing and knoweledge of right and wrong. Read more>>>